Empowering Survivors.


The mission of Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center is to support and respond to the needs of survivors of domestic violence and their dependents in the effort to avoid further abuse.

While you may not have control over another person’s violent behavior, you do have choices about how to respond.

Always remember, it is against the law for your partner to abuse you. Domestic violence is not a family matter- it is a serious crime. You have the right and power to break free from the violence. You can, and deserve to have a better, safer life for you and your children.

The goals of Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center, Ltd., are as stated:

  • To provide a 24-hour telephone crisis line to all survivors of domestic violence.

  •  To provide a safe temporary emergency shelter to domestic violence survivors and their dependents.

  •  To provide advocacy for domestic violence survivors.  Such advocacy shall include, but is not limited to:  emotional support, transportation to and from community resources and legal proceedings, and referrals for needs such as financial assistance, legal assistance, and medical or psychological services.

  •  To educate the community concerning the issues of domestic violence, thereby raising community awareness and understanding of domestic violence.

  • To promote cooperation with other community agencies and organizations which provide services to persons in crisis, including, but not limited to, law enforcement, medical, and social service agencies.

  • These services will be provided free of charge, in a non-judgmental manner, regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, financial circumstances, sexual orientation, and past or present social problems.  To offer all services in a non-directive manner.  All survivors shall have the opportunity to evaluate and choose the alternatives that they feel best suit their situation; services provided shall not reflect any specific political or religious movement.

Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center has been helping survivors of domestic violence since 1990.

Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center has been helping survivors of domestic violence since 1990.